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Helvetia 20 Franc Gold Coin

helvetia 20 franc gold coin

    gold coin
  • A gold coin is a coin made mostly or entirely of gold. Gold has been used for coins practically since the invention of coinage, originally because of gold's intrinsic value.

  • (Gold Coins) Gold dollar | Quarter Eagle ($2.50) | Three-dollar piece | Half Eagle ($5) | Eagle ($10) | Double Eagle ($20)

  • (Gold Coins) Material/physical wealth indicated

  • Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland, officially Conf?deratio Helvetica, the "Helvetic Confederation".

  • Helvetia, an independent and experimental alternative music group from Seattle, Washington, was created by Jason Albertini after the dissolution of the band Duster (in which he played drums).

  • Helvetia is a Neotropical genus of the spider family Salticidae (jumping spiders). The genus name is derived from Helvetia.

  • The franc is the name of several currency units, most notably the French franc, the currency of France until it adopted the euro in 1999 (by law, 2002 de facto), and the Swiss franc, still a major world currency today due to the prominence of Swiss financial institutions.

  • The basic monetary unit of Switzerland and several other countries (including France, Belgium, and Luxembourg until the introduction of the euro), equal to 100 centimes

  • the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 centimes

  • The franc (German: Franken, French and Romansh: franc, Italian: franco; code: CHF) is the currency and legal tender of Switzerland and Liechtenstein; it is also legal tender in the Italian exclave Campione d'Italia.

  • The 21st century is the current century of the Christian Era or Common Era in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. It began on January 1, 2001 and will end on December 31, 2100.

  • twenty: denoting a quantity consisting of 20 items or units

  • twenty: the cardinal number that is the sum of nineteen and one

helvetia 20 franc gold coin - On the

On the Lam

On the Lam

01. Saucer of Dread(2:48) -- 02. Bring Me the Knives(2:20) -- 03. On the Lam(3:27) -- 04. Arise Pt. 1(3:58) -- 05. Sixes(3:37) -- 06. Ground Plane(1:32) -- 07. Below the Sail(3:39) -- 08. This One(5:17) -- 09. Hustle & Sparrow(2:23) -- 10. The Mountain(1:36) -- 11. Here Is Just You Anywhere(5:08) -- 12. A Patent Man (2:50) -- -- -- ---------- Helvetia are a Pacific Northwest by way of Northern California psychedelic pop-rock act. "On the Lam"marks a return to form for band members Jason Albertini and Canaan Dove Amber -- A thoughtful sonic bender that asserts a rearticulated vision and partnership that has brought these two friends back together after a few years of individual work in various Northwest bands. --------- On The Lam is a shimmering collection of 11 tunes that that were painstakingly picked and fussed over out of 40 songs that were recorded during this time. Amber states that it was their intention of crafting sounds that harked to a more soulful 60's tradition yet attempting to give the tunes a vintage futuristic vibe, accomplished by using all analog gear and breaking down the tunes to their rawest form but staying away from traditional song structure. The result is a unique reflection on psychedelia and minimalist pop music played out like your favorite mixtape. The two play all the instruments on this record and emulate the sounds live with the help of friends. -- --- --- --- Another listing created by Zip

83% (18)

Helvetia resting by the Rhein

Helvetia resting by the Rhein

Helvetia who also adorns the Swiss half-franc, one-franc, and two-franc coins has sat on the parapet at the Kleinbasel bridgehead of the Mittlere Brucke since 1980.

The artist, Bettina Eichin, explains her creation as follows: One day, Helvetia left her two-franc piece, mixed with the people, and made a long journey. Her travels also took her to Basel. After an exhausting stroll through the city, she got rid of her shield, spear, and suitcase, laid her coat over the parapet, and looked reflectively down-river as she rested.

Helvetia // Swiss Franc

Helvetia // Swiss Franc

Helvetia, female national personification of Switzerland.
23 stars -> 23 cantons

helvetia 20 franc gold coin

helvetia 20 franc gold coin

Helvetia's Junk Shop

Helvetia, an independent and experimental alternative music group from Seattle, Washington, was created by Jason Albertini after the dissolution of the band Duster (in which he played drums). Helvetia's first record, "The Clever North Wind" (2006), was released on The Static Cult Label and distributed by Up Records. Their first national exposure was achieved by touring with Built To Spill. Helvetia is produced/performed by Jason Albertini and sustained by a rotating live line-up, which has included Dove Amber, Jim Roth and Scott Plouf. Their third release, "Headless Machine of the Heart" (2008) was recorded entirely on a 4-track tape machine. Helvetia continues to release music through The Static Cult Label (which is helmed by Duster-mate Clay Parton). The name Helvetia is the female personification of Switzerland, the childhood home of Jason Albertini.

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