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Gold Settings For Diamonds

gold settings for diamonds

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gold settings for diamonds - 14k Yellow

14k Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Floral Dangle Leverback Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Floral Dangle Leverback Earrings

Four dark blue oval sapphires frame a single diamond accent in these delicate floral earrings, crafted from 14 karat yellow gold. The sapphire stones are richly saturated and have a very deep blue color that becomes particularly noticeable when viewed in the light. The stones are held securely in four-prong settings and have a pretty faceted cut that brings out their sparkle. The petite flowers dangle from curved posts, and the earrings are secured with comfortable leverback closures. September's birthstone comes in a wide range of colors, with velvety blue being perhaps the most popular and well known. A variety of the mineral corundum, sapphire is an exceptionally durable gemstone that holds up well to everyday wear.

86% (19)

Divine. Vintage Diamond Jewel Earrings

Divine. Vintage Diamond Jewel Earrings

Very glamorous and feminine. A classic beauty in pretty pear shape.

Faceted and gold-foiled vintage glass jewels have amazing sparkle. Diamond jewels are very luminous and definitely have the vintage charm.

They became one of my favorites fast since they are extremely versatile:
* nicely sized yet not heavy
* can be dressed up or toned down easily:
* glam for a night out or a special occasion
* classy for day wardrobe

They are set in beautifully antiqued open back settings and dangle from antiqued brass earwires.

Jewels: 16mmx12mm
Total length approx: 1.5"(3.5cm)

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Yellow sapphire centre heart shaped stone with accompanying canary yellow diamonds on the thin band. This one is a very dainty number and is suited for a young debutante with wealthy upbringing, and should be given to her by the family. The rose gold band is detailed with scalloped edges that holds the yellow diamonds together. It had since been modified and the settings enhanced after this photo was taken. Recent photos are not available yet. This ring was rarely shown because I am very selective on who should be wearing it! The canary yellow diamonds are very special to me.

gold settings for diamonds

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